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Eight steps for disinfection of chicken farms by disinfectant manufacturers

2020-10-20 10:57:25

The key to the disinfection and sterilization of farms, I believe that every chicken farmer will have a clear heart without my introduction. However, due to the damage of many elements, many chicken farmers did not very well kill pathogenic microorganisms such as pathogens and pathogens in the chicken house during the disinfection and sterilization work before the chickens entered the group. Below, the editor brings you the content of disinfection of chicken farms, hoping to help you.


1. Carefully clean the excrement, concentrate, smoke and other residues in the chicken house, including walls, roofs, toilets and outside the chicken house, etc., must be cleaned and tidy. Also pay attention to the cleaning of machinery and equipment.

2. After the cleaning is over, the chicken farmers must remember to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the inside and outside of the chicken house. Especially when cleaning chicken coops, troughs, pig manure boards and other machinery and equipment, pay attention to the safety protection of induction motor equipment before cleaning.

3. The mobile terminal should be removed from the chicken coop to carry out disinfection and sterilization, and then returned to the chicken coop or warehouse one by one. To put it plainly, mobile terminals include feeders, led energy-saving lamps, smuggled cars, thermometers and various work uniforms.

4. On the roads, manure ditches, walls and some layer cages in the chicken house, there are often remnants of sparganosis larvae, and some of them with faulty bacteria and many feathers, so it must be treated with fire.

5. Generally, the most common method for chicken farmers to disinfect their chicken coops is spraying of organic chemicals. This step is of course inevitable. After all, it is one of the ways to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house. Disinfectant manufacturers introduced that chicken farmers should pay attention to spraying in all directions.

6. After the completion of the above six processes, the chicken farmers can open all the vents of the chicken house and let the chicken house naturally ventilate for about 10 days, which can keep the chicken house dry and further kill the source of disease.

7. After the dry chicken house is carried out, the chicken farmers can carry out the second spraying, firstly to better improve the disinfection and sterilization effect, and secondly, it can also improve the moderation of the chicken house and make the last step of steaming more practical effect.

8. According to the seven processes, most of them can kill most pathogenic microorganisms, but the delicate and reliable chicken farmers can also use formaldehyde fumigation to make the chicken house completely safe in order to better ensure that they are foolproof.

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