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How can the chicken farm be disinfected thoroughly?

2020-10-20 10:40:39

Proper and complete disinfection of chicken farms is an important means to eliminate the source of infection and cut off the spread of the disease. Therefore, which disinfection method is used is very critical. Especially for chicken farms that have been used for a long time, it is necessary to use advanced complete disinfection methods to carry out rigorous disinfection, so as to reasonably solve the pathogenic bacteria scattered on the environment, the surface of the chicken body and the special breeding tools, and to ensure the purchase of the next batch The chicken grows happily, and the chicken farm can be completely disinfected according to the following methods.


First: disinfect the chicken house. After the chicken is sold or transferred to the group, immediately eliminate pig manure, bedding materials, etc., and carry out complete cleaning and washing of the chicken house, cleaning of stainless steel sinks, troughs and other supplies, and lime slurry for disinfection of the walls. The introduction of disinfection of the breeding farm 10 days before entering the chickens, use formalin solution and potassium permanganate solution to steam all the chicken houses in a closed manner for 24 hours, and then open the windows and doors for natural ventilation for 1 week.

Second: disinfection of chicken farms. One of the methods is to set up a disinfection tank at the entrance of the chicken farm, and use a hot disinfectant to disinfect the cars and staff entering the chicken farm; the second method is to persevere in cleaning the chicken farm once a day, using 3 per week. % Aqueous sodium hydroxide solution is sprayed on the chicken farm once; the third method is to immediately eliminate pig manure and waste, transport it to the area where chicken farms are eliminated, and carry out alcohol or pile retting.

Third: disinfection during the feeding period. During the chicken feeding period, use 10% Batoxil every week, dilute 1:200 or use 0.1% Negermide solution disinfectant to disinfect the chicken once, and immediately remove the excrement to minimize the chicken house. And pathogenic bacteria in the environment, prevent various chicken diseases.

Fourth: staff disinfection. The staff of the chicken farm must replace the sterilized work clothes and rubber boots before entering the factory. A standard chicken farm may require staff to dismantle and change all clothing and take a bath when entering and leaving the chicken house. Work clothing must be disinfected with ultraviolet sterilization lamps every day and cleaned and disinfected once a week.

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