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Jiangsu kangbat Bioengineering Co., Ltd

National unified service hotline: 400-1010-969

Contact: Manager Xu

Website: en.kbtxdj.com

Address: North of South Jinqiao East Road, 311 National Road, Caoqiao Town, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province

Kangbat development vision:

Build a national ecological agriculture and animal husbandry technology enterprise

Kangbat corporate mission:

Helping green animal husbandry and making people’s food safer

Kangbat values:

Integrity, friendship, responsibility, win-win, loyalty, happiness

Kangbat's business philosophy:

One family, one road, walk together

The core values of Kangbat company:

Customer-centric: Creating value for customers is the reason for the company's existence, the premise of survival, and the key to development. Adhere to the customer-centric process drive, respond quickly to customer needs, and create and lead customer needs are the direction of our long-term efforts.

Struggle-oriented: The opportunity to serve customers is won in competition. In the process of service, they have a sense of mission, have the courage to dedicate and give, dare to face challenges, overcome difficulties, be diligent and thrifty, constantly surpass themselves, and continue to improve The creator of performance and value is the struggler in each position. Strugglers are the company's most precious resource. The company is committed to helping employees grow into strugglers and making them get excellent returns.

Innovation and openness: Demand is updating, technology is developing, and the constant is change. We can only open our minds to embrace change, and improve our ability to create value for customers by integrating internal and external high-quality resources. We will adhere to the long-term strategy of opening up to promote innovation and innovation-driven development, to meet and lead customer needs with innovation, and to promote the coordinated development of ecological enterprises with openness.

Co-creation and sharing: A company, the same mission, the same vision, the division of responsibilities of each department and each position is different, but the goals are unified. We firmly implement the interaction between the executive departments and the efficient collaboration between individuals. We firmly believe that one person cannot succeed, only unity and cooperation can create value. We share value based on contribution to promote the spiral development of co-creation and sharing, achieve continuous growth of employees, promote the company to become stronger and better, and achieve long-term benefits for shareholders.

Criticism and self-criticism: Criticism and self-criticism are reviews of the past, strengthening and improving the strengths, and finding ways to correct shortcomings and mistakes. Facing the shortcomings and mistakes of others, we must be courageous to provide opinions based on facts; when facing the opinions given by others, we must accept and carefully analyze the opinions given by others; Make mistakes and correct them in time, so as to achieve personal continuous progress, enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team, and ensure the healthy development of the company.

Integrity and friendliness: The company is a team, and every member of the team is a business partner who is struggling together. They must stand up with integrity and treat people friendly. We must always abide by the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, tell the truth, do practical things, keep promises, and be credible, and not deceive others. We must work together to create a friendly and kind working atmosphere, to encourage, help and accomplish others instead of being indifferent, complaining, and attacking. We insist on earning respect with honesty and enhancing friendship with friendship.

Jiangsu Kangbate Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Xu Tel: 17388041600

Company website: www.kbtxdj.com

Address: North of South Jinqiao East Road, 311 National Road, Caoqiao Town, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province


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