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Disinfection is an important measure for livestock and poultry farms to implement the "prevention first" policy. The purpose of disinfection is to eliminate pathogens spread by the source of infection in the external environment, so as to cut off the route of transmission and prevent the disease from continuing to spread. According to the introduction of disinfectant manufacturers, disinfection is very important to livestock and poultry farms, and it is an important task to ensure the safe production of livestock and poultry farms.

1 Disinfection classification

According to the purpose of disinfection, livestock and poultry farms can be divided into the following three types:

1.1 Preventive disinfection

Refers to the disinfection of premises, utensils, grounds, and drinking water that may be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms or other harmful microorganisms in combination with daily feeding and management that have not yet occurred animal diseases. Veterinary disinfectant manufacturers have introduced that this type of disinfection is generally carried out once every 1 to 3 days, and a comprehensive disinfection is carried out every 1 to 2 weeks.

1.2 Temporary disinfection

When an infectious disease occurs, disinfection measures are taken to eliminate pathogens discharged from the source of infection in time. The objects of disinfection are the livestock and poultry houses and isolation sites where the diseased animals are located, and the sites, utensils and articles that are contaminated and possibly contaminated by the secretions and excrements of the diseased animals.

1.3 Terminal disinfection

After the sick animal is released from isolation, recovery or death, or before the blockade of the epidemic area is lifted, a thorough and thorough disinfection is carried out in order to eliminate the pathogens that may remain in the epidemic area.


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