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Product CenterIs a professional disinfectant R & D, production of more than 30 years of old enterprises
SolutionHealth management solutions for thousands of enterprises
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Jiangsu Kangbate Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and technical service of disinfectants. Specializing in veterinary disinfectant, aquatic disinfectant, disinfection of farms, etc. Is a professional disinfectant manufacturer. The registered capital is 10.5 million yuan. There are six high-standard disinfectant production lines. The main research and development and production of chlorine preparations, bromine preparations, iodine preparations, quaternary ammonium salt preparations....

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Jiangsu Kangbate Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Contact: Manager Xu Tel: 17388041600

Company website: www.kbtxdj.com

Address: North of South Jinqiao East Road, 311 National Road, Caoqiao Town, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province


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