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Disinfectant manufacturers introduce you to the disinfection methods of chicken farms

2020-10-20 10:37:04

The purpose of disinfection is to prevent and manipulate the generation, spread and spread of infectious diseases. Only by formulating a complete set of rigorous disinfection countermeasures in chicken farms can the pathogens scattered in the environment, the surface of the chicken body and special tools be reasonably solved, and the route of infection can be disconnected. Below, the disinfectant manufacturers will introduce to you.


1. After chicken shed disinfection, after the chicken is sold or transferred, the pig manure, pad materials, etc. are completely cleaned and rinsed, and the stainless steel sink, chicken feeder and other supplies are cleaned. Use lime slurry to detoxify the wall. Ten days before chicken intake, spray with 10% Klerolin aqueous solution, or use formalin solution plus potassium permanganate solution for airtight steaming for 24 hours, then open windows and doors for natural ventilation for 1 week .

2. Poultry farm disinfection: Poultry farm disinfection is beneficial to control the source of infection, disconnect the route of infection and improve the environment. Set up a disinfection pool at the door of the chicken farm to contain disinfectant. Carry out disinfection of incoming cars and staff, clean up the chicken farm once a day, and spray the chicken farm with 3% sodium hydroxide solution (commonly known as caustic soda and sodium hydroxide once a week. Pig manure and waste should be eliminated immediately. And transported to the chicken farm to eliminate the use of fermentation or manure disinfection.

3. Staff disinfection: Before entering the factory, the staff must disassemble and replace the disinfected work clothes, rubber boots, etc., and disinfect them under an ultraviolet sterilization lamp for ten minutes before entering. Xuzhou Chicken Farm Disinfection Introduction A standard chicken farm can require staff to dismantle and change all clothing and take a bath. Work clothes, etc. must be disinfected with ultraviolet sterilization lamps every day and cleaned once a week.

4. Disinfection during the feeding period: Disinfect the chickens with 10% Baidusha at 1:200 dilution or 0.1% Tricerate solution once a week. The cleaning of the feeding environment should minimize the total number of pathogens in the chicken shed and the environment, so as to avoid infection of the source chickens due to the pathogens invading the chickens.

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