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Measures for disinfection and cleaning of farms

2020-10-20 10:09:51

The mechanical elimination method eliminates pathogens based on mechanical equipment methods such as cleaning, scrubbing, natural ventilation and filtering. Although this method is common and common, it cannot achieve the goal of complete disinfection. As an auxiliary method, it must be carried out in cooperation with other disinfection methods. Below, the disinfection manufacturer of the farm will introduce to you.


The physical disinfection method uses the sun, ultraviolet light, dryness, high temperature and steaming to eliminate germs.

Chemical disinfection is the more common way to destroy pathogens with chemicals. Introduction of special disinfectants for breeding farms. The use of disinfectants should consider sterilization. The drugs are convenient to use, high in quality and low in price, easy to market, low in reasonable concentration, fast in efficacy, very effective, odorless, odorless, and non-toxic. Destroy the object to be disinfected, it is honest, stable, soluble and strong electrolyte, not easy to be harmed by organic compounds and other physical and chemical elements, and has the characteristics of low content or small adverse reactions after application.

Biological disinfection method will deposit and mellow the excrement that is polluted by the environment, and use thermophilic bacteria to generate heat as high as 70 ℃, which can kill pathogens, germs, parasite eggs and other pathogens after 1 to 2 months . However, this method is not suitable for diseases caused by spore pathogens such as anthrax and emphysema gangrene. The excrement of such diseases should be incinerated or buried.

Timely disinfection of farms is carried out 2 to 4 times a year, at least once in the spring and autumn. All utensils in the barn should be disinfected once a month. The following medicines can be used for disinfection of the road and urinary ditch of the cow house: 5%-10% hot edible alkali, 3% anhydrous aluminum chloride, 3%-5% Lysur aqueous solution and other sprayers, use 20% raw chlorine The walls are painted with aluminum. Feeding utensils, cow pen milk powder, cow beds, etc. are washed and disinfected with 5%-10% hot edible alkali or 3% anhydrous aluminum chloride aqueous solution or 4% Lysur. After disinfection 2-6 hours, put them in the cattle Wash the feeding trough and cattle bed with cold water before.

Temporary disinfection After tuberculosis, brucellosis or other diseased cattle are detected and removed from the herd, the relevant cattle houses, utensils and sports grounds must be temporarily disinfected. When brucellosis cattle produce small production, it is necessary to carry out complete disinfection of heat convection materials and environmental pollution sites and utensils. The feces and urine of sick cows should be deposited in areas far away from the cowshed. After the bioheat is developed, it can be used as fertilizer. The delivery room is disinfected once a month, and the delivery room of pregnant women is disinfected once before the cow is produced before delivery and after the pregnant woman gives birth.

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