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System of disinfection of farms (2)

2020-10-20 09:58:06

The last article brought you the content of the farm disinfection system. Today, the editor will continue to introduce to you. Interested friends, come and take a look!


Fifth, according to the epidemic situation inside and outside the venue, the age of the peacock and the necessary serological antibody test results, the peacocks shall be vaccinated on time. Frequently observe the health status of the flock, and isolate and treat sick birds in time.

  Sixth, the newly introduced peacocks must undergo a health check, and those who are free of disease for more than one month can be isolated and observed before entering the breeding area.

  Seventh, the purchase of breeding eggs, feed and other production supplies should come from non-epidemic areas, and corresponding treatment and disinfectants should be carried out before entering the site.

Eighth, to prevent wild birds, wild dogs and other foreign animals from entering the field, actively eliminate flies and mosquitoes inside and outside the house, and take effective measures to reduce rodent damage.

  Ninth, promptly remove excrement, garbage and various debris inside and outside the site, and conduct harmless treatment.

   Tenth, to prevent environmental pollution during the transfer of sick birds, necropsy of dead birds, and treatment of bird carcasses.

The above is the content of the disinfection system of Shanghai farms brought by the editor. If you have other content, you can also consult the editor. The editor will patiently answer for everyone.

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