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How about veterinary disinfectant?

2020-10-19 16:59:16

Veterinary disinfectant has the characteristics of high efficiency, non-toxicity, non-irritating, and no residue. Below, the veterinary disinfectant manufacturer will introduce it to everyone.


The development trend of the aquaculture industry has reached the scale of industrialization today. The large scale of aquaculture operations is shocking. The fact that economic benefits are free from infectious diseases has indeed brought substantial economic benefits to the aquaculture industry, and in addition to promote economic and social development. Made an outstanding contribution to improving human living standards.

However, the development trend of the aquaculture industry to this day, and in fact, there have been many problems that have puzzled many aquaculture industries, that is, the outbreak of influenza infectious diseases caused by livestock and livestock has always been implemented regularly to the entire aquaculture industry. The huge property loss of the company, and then forced to rely on a lot of animal drugs, a lot of antibiotics to resist the occurrence of pneumonia, and then bring more serious environmental pollution of food, Xuzhou veterinary disinfectant manufacturers introduced such as: drugs and antibiotics in meat The residues in food-like eggs are more serious than the standard. Many excess residues after the application of drugs will immediately threaten human physical and mental health, but I don’t know that this will bring devastating adverse effects to the entire breeding industry. I have become more and more afraid of eating meat and egg foods. If we do not start with the problem of environmental pollution at the root cause, the adverse effects will not be conceived.

Because the natural environment of aquaculture cannot be completely improved from the source, the application of many drugs and antibiotics cannot be prevented. In fact, it can be ensured from the cleanup of the natural environment and the usual disinfection and sterilization work to complete the green ecological farming and emerald green farming. It is completely possible, and farmers can save a lot of drug costs from this.

The above is the relevant content of the veterinary disinfectant brought by the editor, and I hope to help you.


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