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The disinfectant manufacturer introduces you to how to disinfect correctly (2)

2020-10-20 09:07:12

The disinfectant manufacturers above will introduce you to the content of how to disinfect properly. Next, the editor will continue to introduce to you, friends who are interested in this, hurry up and find out!


(2) Prepare disinfectants as required

Special attention should be paid to the compatibility when preparing disinfectants. Bleaching powder cannot be compatible with boric acid and hydrochloric acid; Promethazine cannot be compatible with iodine, potassium iodide, peroxide, etc.; when preparing disinfectants, use deep well water or tap water with less impurities; general disinfectant water The stability will become worse after dilution, so it is necessary to use the ready-made solution; the higher the concentration of the preparation of the disinfectant, the better, the medicine should be selected according to the different bactericidal spectrum, and the correct preparation should be made according to the instructions.

(3) Note the following

① The disinfectant must be stored in a cool, dry, and dark environment. The introduction of disinfectant on the farm will cause the disinfectant to absorb moisture, decompose and become invalid.

② Several disinfectants should be prepared and used alternately on a regular basis to avoid drug resistance.

③When purchasing and using disinfectants, pay attention to the production date and shelf life on the outer packaging, and they must be used within the validity period.

④ Disinfectants should not be mixed at will to prevent the two components of each other from reacting and weaken or even offset the disinfection effect.

⑤ Xuzhou breeding farm disinfectant cleans up the environment or items that need to be disinfected, removes dust and coverings, and helps the disinfectant to function.

⑥ The disinfectant in the disinfection tank should be changed regularly to ensure effective disinfection effect.

⑦Do not spray disinfectant on the day before and after immunization, and do not drink water containing disinfectant on the day before and after the immunization. Otherwise, it will affect the effect of immunity.

⑧ Choose and replace good new disinfection products in time to achieve a good disinfection effect.

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