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What is the disinfection procedure of the farm?

2020-10-20 10:14:11

What is the disinfection procedure of the farm? This is something that everyone is very curious about. Then, the editor will give you a detailed introduction. Those who are interested in this, hurry up and find out!消毒液价格

1. Every livestock and poultry farm creates a door disinfection tank, which can use 2% sodium hydroxide or blue light as the disinfectant, and it is replaced every three days to maintain the effectiveness of the disinfectant in the disinfection tank.

2. Feeding staff and veterinarians must wash and disinfect their hands in the communication room before entering the livestock and poultry farm, and clean them with disinfectant soap or disinfectant (Yikelin). Special rubber boots must be worn when entering the pig farm, and the equipment must be sprayed and disinfected with blue light before entering the farm.

3. The inside and outside of the livestock and poultry houses, and the roads of the factory are disinfected on time every week. Sterilization of animals in livestock houses can be done with honest and honest disinfectants, such as blue light, Yi Kelin, etc., which can be used alternately. Sports venues and infield roads can be disinfected with 2% sodium hydroxide water or blue light. Empty houses should be disinfected in accordance with the four-step disinfection method of cleaning, spraying, spraying, and steaming. First of all, move the livestock house utensils to the outdoors and use the disinfectant solution to clean and dry, and use the ultraviolet light in the sun to kill microorganisms; secondly, the livestock house must be completely cleaned and tidy before the disinfection is carried out to reduce the existence of organic compounds, and there are standards Use gas stoves to burn the walls and some fixed fixtures. After the edible alkali is disinfected, it must be completely washed to remove the disinfectant to prevent erosion of the skin and utensils.

4. Breeding pigs must be cleaned with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution or 1:800 blue light on the breasts and vaginas before delivery, and then sent to a sterilized delivery room for delivery.

5. When introducing livestock and poultry from the field, be sure to use the honest and honest high-efficiency disinfectant blue light, and disinfection (skin) with animals can use 1:800 blue light or 0.1%~0.2% sodium hypochlorite solution.

6. After the guests visit and inspect, spray disinfection or water spray disinfection on the visiting path or the whole venue.

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