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How to choose medicine for farm disinfection (1)

2020-11-06 11:58:36


Along with the development trend of the aquaculture industry towards scale and intelligence, the awareness of farming factories (households) has gradually changed. From the original idea that "treatment is better than prevention" to the understanding that "prevention is better than cure", the key is to closely revolve around the standard of "prevention is better than prevention". Therefore, disinfection drugs have become more and more common applications. How to choose A cost-effective, efficient and safe disinfectant? Below, the disinfectant manufacturers of farms will introduce to you.


1. Alkaline disinfectants

Containing sodium hydroxide solution (sodium hydroxide), quicklime powder and grass ash, they all use alkaline substances to kill microorganisms immediately or indirectly. The basic principle of disinfection is: to hydrolyze the proteins and nucleotides of the bacteria, destroy the normal metabolism of the bacteria, and finally achieve the effect of killing the bacteria.

Sodium hydroxide solution is corrosive to textile products and metal manufacturing, so it is not suitable for disinfection of the above objects, and for other machinery, equipment, appliances and sodium hydroxide disinfection for more than half a day, they should be cleaned with cold water to prevent scalding livestock and poultry Hooves or skin.

Fresh grass ash contains a solution of ferric chloride, which can penetrate into the road surface after it is wetted by precipitation. The disinfection of livestock and poultry sites is common, especially the disinfection of free-range breeding sites in the suburbs. This kind of method can not only ensure the cleaning of the site, but also kill the germs reasonably.

After the quicklime powder dissolves the water, it turns into sodium carbonate, which in turn causes heat generation. Generally, a 10-20% aqueous solution is used to disinfect the wooden floors or walls of livestock and poultry farms. In addition, quicklime powder is also used to harmless livestock and poultry. The method is to first bury the livestock and poultry. Sprinkle with quicklime powder and cover with soil to kill microorganisms reasonably.

2. Strong oxidant type disinfectant

Commonly used are: peroxyacetic acid and potassium permanganate, they have a strong killing effect on bacteria, spores and fungi.

Peracetic acid can be prepared to a concentration of 0.2~0.5% during disinfection. Carry out sprayer disinfection for livestock and poultry stalls, concentrated feed troughs, appliances, cars, and food factory floors and walls. You can also bring livestock and poultry for disinfection, but you should pay attention to the current use, because it is very easy to air oxidation.

Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidant, and it will act chemically when it encounters organic compounds. According to the introduction of the disinfectant company, it can not only disinfect but also deodorize, it also has astringent effect at lower concentrations. Livestock and poultry are often mixed with 0.1% solution to treat gastrointestinal diseases; 0.5% aqueous solution can disinfect skin, Mucosa and trauma are used for gastric lavage and air oxidation to dissolve harmful substances. Higher concentrations are irritating and corrosive to the organization; 4% aqueous solution is generally used to disinfect concentrated feed troughs and utensils, and the effect is remarkable.

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