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Methods of disinfection of chicken farms by disinfectant manufacturers

2020-10-20 10:50:52

According to the different disinfection goals, different disinfection methods need to be selected. The key methods usually used are physical methods and chemical methods. Below, the editor will bring you the disinfection method for chicken farms.

1. Physical methods

①Sweeping and scrubbing method: After sweeping the waste in the chicken house, tap water or high-pressure water pump to clean the machinery and equipment, wall, ceiling and road surface in the chicken house, and wash away the dirt adhering to it. A very critical step. Because there are usually pathogens in the dirt, the actual effect of chemical disinfection will be harmed if the dirt is not removed. Because the disinfectant only kills the pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the dirt, the disinfectant may penetrate into the dirt. Internally, the pathogenic bacteria in it will be killed. In the future, this dirt will become the source of infectious diseases under certain standards. Cleaning is the first step that must be gone through before all disinfection methods are used.


②Sunlight exposure method: move clean and tidy machinery and equipment and utensils to the sun to expose them. According to the ultraviolet light and dryness in the sun, the pathogenic bacteria adhering to it will be killed.

③Air drying disinfection method: disinfectant manufacturers introduce some utensils that can be placed in the oven for air drying and disinfection.

④Boil disinfection method: some utensils can be boiled in water for disinfection.

⑤ High temperature, high pressure or fluid steam disinfection method: use high fever, high pressure or fluid steam to kill pathogenic bacteria on the walls of the chicken house, machinery and equipment.

⑥ Flame spray method: Use flamethrower or gas stove to cause high temperature to kill pathogenic bacteria on the walls of the chicken house and metal materials, machinery, equipment and appliances.

⑦Incineration treatment and disinfection method: waste or dead chickens are incinerated to solve pathogenic bacteria.

2. Chemical method: configure the price of disinfectant (medicine) into an aqueous solution with a certain concentration value as required, and carry out disinfection in the following way.

①Scrubbing or soaking disinfection method: The objects that must be disinfected are washed or soaked to kill the pathogenic bacteria on them. It should be noted that the disinfectant will reduce its disinfection effect after several times of continuous application, and the disinfectant should be replaced immediately.

②Spray disinfection method: use a sprayer to spray and disinfect the ground, wall, machinery, equipment and appliances. The diameter of the sprayed fine particles should be larger, and the diameter of the fine particles should be at least 200μm.

③Aerosol disinfection method: This method is commonly used to disinfect chickens in chicken coops. The most suitable temperature for aerosol disinfection is 18-22℃, the most suitable air humidity is 70-80%, and the most suitable fine particle diameter is 50- 100μm, if the fine particles are too small (5-10μm), the fine particles will easily be sucked into the respiratory system by chickens, resulting in poor efficacy. In the aerosol disinfection, the feathers on the back of the chicken are only slightly wet, and the amount of disinfectant used is 15-30 ml/cubic.

④Fumigation and disinfection method: This method is mostly used for the disinfection of chicken coops and breeding eggs with formaldehyde solution. For detailed operation steps, see the formaldehyde solution in disinfectant (medicine).

⑤Promote disinfection: promote disinfectants (medicine) in wastewater or water to eliminate pathogenic bacteria in the water.

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