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Misunderstandings in disinfection of farms (1)

2020-10-20 10:21:42

The main purpose of disinfection is to eliminate pathogens that are the source of infection. The basic conditions for the occurrence of infectious diseases: the source of infection, the route of transmission and the source of infection small animals. In animal husbandry, sometimes no disease is seen, but there are already sources of infection in the external environment, and the source of infection will excrete pathogens. If strict disinfection measures are not adopted at this time, pathogens will invade the source of infection to poultry and livestock according to the transmission routes of gas, concentrated feed, drinking water, and cause disease. Now, let’s introduce aquatic disinfectant.


If strict and reasonable disinfection measures are not used to beautify the environment at this time, there will be more and more pathogens in the environment. When a certain level is reached, it will cause the epidemic to spread and cause more serious property losses. Therefore, disinfection of poultry and livestock must be immediate and reasonable. In fact, pay attention to the following three stages: disinfection in the pen house, disinfection of the environment outside the house, and disinfection of drinking water. Poultry and livestock disinfectants are not less than 3 times a week, and environmental disinfection is once a week. Drinking water must be disinfected and cleaned from beginning to end.

Misconception 2: It is not easy to produce infectious diseases after disinfection

It is an incorrect idea. It is because even after disinfection, the effect of completely eradicating pathogens is not necessarily received. This is related to the disinfectant and disinfection method used. Introduction to farm disinfection There are many disinfection methods that have disinfection blind spots. What's more, many pathogens can be spread according to various media such as gas, wild birds, rats, etc. Even if strict disinfection measures are adopted, it is difficult to disconnect all the channels of transmission. Therefore, in addition to carrying out strict disinfection in animal husbandry, it is also necessary to integrate breeding conditions, disease occurrence and fashionable regularity, and carry out vaccination purposefully to ensure the safety of livestock.

Misconception 3: The higher the temperature during disinfection, the better

Generally, the higher the temperature of the environment during disinfection, the stronger the disinfection ability of disinfectants. Therefore, most people like to choose afternoon disinfection. However, some disinfectants have a weaker disinfection ability under high temperature conditions. Under high temperature standards, the ingredients will dissolve and the disinfection power will be reduced. Such disinfectants have high disinfection environment regulations.

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