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Commonly used methods of farm disinfection

2020-10-20 09:16:56

The development of the aquaculture industry is the mainstay of the development of the rural economy. Farmer friends have always attached great importance to the management of aquaculture and have close ties with the breeding industry chain. Therefore, the management method is important to ensure the development trend of the breeding industry chain. The disinfection management method is a key component of disease prevention and control. Doing a good job of safe disinfection management measures can significantly reduce the incidence rate, which is of great significance to the development of the breeding industry. The following is an introduction to the farm disinfection company.


Commonly used methods of disinfection in farms

1. 20%-30% plant ash, take 10-15 kg of sifted plant ash, add 35-40 kg of water and stir evenly, boil it for 1 hour, and add the volatilized water. The key is to disinfect the pens, sports fields, walls and troughs.

2. Quicklime powder (calcium hydroxide) Take 5 kilograms of quicklime powder and add 2.5-3 kilograms of water to turn it into powder. The key is used for disinfection of roads in livestock houses and sports fields.

3. Take 2.5-10 kg of bleach solution (available chlorolime powder), add 47.5-40 kg of water, and stir enough to form a 5%-20% bleach suspension. Disinfectant for pens, feeding troughs and feces. Easy to dissolve in wet and cold, it should be used and prepared immediately.

4. 10%-20% aluminum chloride (sodium carbonate), take 5 kg of quicklime powder and add 5 kg of water. After it is turned into a paste, add 40-45 kg of water to serve. It is used for disinfection of pens and places.

5. 70%-75% alcohol (alcohol), take 1000ml of 95% alcohol, add 295-391ml of water, and it will become 75%-70% alcohol, which is used to disinfect skin, needles, thermometers, etc.

6. Take 5% lysol solution 2.5 kg of lysol solution, add 47.5 kg of water, and mix and serve. It is used for disinfection of pens, supplies and places, but it has no effect on tuberculosis bacilli.

7, 2% caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) take 1Kg of caustic soda, add 49kg of water, and fully melt it to become 2% fire edible soda. Adding a small amount of edible salt can improve the sterilization power. It is often used for the disinfection of viral diseases, such as the disinfection of the environment and supplies when swine fever virus, swine foot-and-mouth disease and its bacteria are infected.

The above is an introduction to some commonly used disinfection methods, and I hope to help you. In addition, it must be noted that in the disinfection process, we must pay attention to the appropriate amount and method of use, so that the greater disinfection effect can be fully exerted.

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