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2020-11-09 16:08:36

【Name of veterinary drug】

Generic name: iodine (I)

English name: Iodophor (I)

Chinese Pinyin: Dianfu (I)

[Main ingredients] Iodine, potassium iodide, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid

[Properties] This product is a reddish brown viscous liquid.

[Pharmacological action] Disinfectant. This product can release iodine molecules (I2), oxidize the active genes of the bacterial protein, and combine with the amino acids in the protein to cause protein denaturation and inhibit the metabolic enzyme system of the bacterial body, prompting the pathogen to disintegrate and die.

【Function and use】Disinfectant. It is used for disinfection of surgical site and surgical instruments and disinfection of stables, feeding equipment, breeding eggs; soaking and disinfection of aquaculture animal bodies, fertilized eggs and breeding equipment.

【Usage and Dosage】Based on this product. Spraying, washing, soaking: disinfection of surgical site and surgical instruments, diluted with water 1: (3 ~ 6); disinfection of stables, feeding equipment, breeding eggs, diluted with water 1: (100 ~ 200); aquaculture animal body, seed , Sterilize fertilized eggs and breeding equipment, dilute with water 1:1000, and soak for 10-30 minutes.

[Adverse reactions] According to the prescribed usage and dosage, no adverse reactions have been seen.

[Precautions] (1) Do not use metal containers for packaging.

(2) Animals allergic to iodine are prohibited.

(3) Do not mix with strong alkaline substances.

(4) During use, if abnormal conditions occur in aquatic animals, stop using them immediately.

(5) Discarded packaging should be destroyed collectively.

【Withdrawal period】No need to formulate.



[Storage] shading, sealed and stored.

【Validity Period】2 years.


【Approval Number】Veterinary Drugs 101076406

[Executive Standard] "Quality Standard for Veterinary Drugs" (2017 Edition) Chemical Drug Volume

[Manufacturer] Jiangsu Kangbate Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

[Address] 07 Daqiao West Road, Xinyi Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province



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