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Bromochlorohydantoin powder from disinfectant manufacturers

2020-11-09 16:15:53
Bromochlorohydantoin powder from disinfectant manufacturers


Generic name: Bromochlorohydantoin powder

Commodity name: Anti-drug


[Main ingredients] Bromochlorohydantoin

[Properties] This product is white or light yellow crystalline powder; it has a pungent smell of hypochlorous acid.

[Pharmacology] Bromochlorohydantoin is an organic bromine and chlorine compound disinfectant. It has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect and can kill bacterial propagules, bacterial spores, fungi and viruses. The disinfection mechanism is the oxidation of hypochlorous acid and the halogenation of halogen. Since bromochlorohydantoin can dissociate bromine and chlorine at the same time to form hypochlorous acid and hypobromous acid respectively, the two have a synergistic effect.

【Function and use】Disinfectant. Used for disinfection of animal stables and vehicles.

【Usage and Dosage】Based on this product. Spray, scrub or soak. Disinfection of the environment or the means of transport. Foot-and-mouth disease should be diluted 1:133 times, swine vesicular disease should be diluted 1:66.7 times, swine fever should be diluted 1:200 times, swine parvovirus disease should be diluted 1:20 times, chicken Newcastle disease, bursal disease Dilute by 1:333 times, and the bacterial propagule by 1:1333 times.

[Adverse reactions] According to the prescribed usage and dosage, no adverse reactions have been seen.

[Precautions] (1) This product is not effective against anthrax spores.

(2) Metal containers are prohibited.

【Withdrawal period】No need to formulate.

[Specifications] 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%

【Packing】100g/bag 200g/bag 250g/bag 500g/bag

[Storage] shading, sealed, and kept in a cool place.

[Validity period] 2 years


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