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Benzalkonium Bromide 500ml

2020-11-09 16:36:11
Benzalkonium Bromide 500ml

Generic name: benzalkonium bromide solution

Product name: Benzalkonium Bromide Solution

[Main Ingredients] Benzalkonium Bromide

[Properties] This product is a colorless to light yellow clear liquid; it has a fragrant gas and a lot of foam when shaken strongly. Turbidity or precipitation may occur in low temperature.

[Pharmacological action] Benzalkonium bromide is a cationic surfactant, which has a good killing effect on bacteria such as pyogenes, intestinal bacteria, etc. It has a stronger ability to kill gram-positive bacteria than gram-negative bacteria . It has a weak effect on viruses, and has a certain killing effect on lipophilic viruses such as influenza, vaccinia, herpes and other viruses, but has no effect on hydrophilic viruses; it has little killing effect on tuberculosis and fungi; it can only kill bacteria To inhibition.

   Benzalkonium bromide has an antagonistic effect on anionic surfactants, such as soap, lecithin, washing powder, Tween-80, etc. Iodine, potassium iodide, silver protein, silver nitrate, salicylic acid, zinc sulfate, boric acid (above 5%), peroxides and sulfonamides, as well as metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and aluminum, all have antagonistic effects on this product .

[Function and use] disinfectant and antiseptic. Used for disinfection of surgical instruments, skin and wounds.

【Usage and Dosage】Calculated with benzalkonium bromide. Disinfection of wound surface: make a 0.01% solution; disinfection of skin and surgical instruments: make a 0.1% solution.

[Adverse reactions] According to the prescribed usage and dosage, no adverse reactions have been seen.

[Precautions] (1) Combination with soap and other anionic surfactants, salt disinfectants, iodides and peroxides is prohibited. After the surgeon washes his hands with soap, be sure to rinse with water before using this product.

(2) It is not suitable for disinfection of ophthalmic instruments and synthetic rubber products.

(3) When preparing instrument disinfectant, 0.5% sodium nitrite should be added, and the aqueous solution should not be stored in a container made of polyethylene to avoid reacting with plasticizers and causing the liquid to fail.

(4) It can cause drug allergy in people.

【Withdrawal period】No need to formulate.


[Packing] 500ml/bottle, 1000ml/bottle, 5L/barrel

[Storage] shading and airtight preservation.

[Validity period] 2 years.

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